Planted In The House Of The Lord

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Planted in the House of the Lord

Psalm 92:12-15

We were made to be planted, not continually transplanted.  As Christians, we are not to live our existence in a nursery, a pot or container, greenhouse, or half in the ground.  God placed us, called us, and positioned us in a home.  (Psalm 122:1, 84:10)

            I.   The plan of the devil is to transplant you.

                  A.  Disconnect –not connected to the place, people, plan, and purpose God called you to.

                  B.  Discontentment –not satisfied or happy, bored, tired, and restless. (Philippians 4:11)

                  C.  Dismantling –tearing apart, destroying, ruining, and neglecting. (Acts 9:4-5)

Wish list and requirements before going to or joining a church:


1.  “I want a church with a Pastor who visits me, goes to dinner with me, marry me, bury me, counsel me, shake my hand, know my name, asks me my opinion, gets my permission and approval.”

2.  “I don’t want anyone to contact me, ask me, or tell me.”

3.  “I want to go to a church where everyone is like me.”

4.   “I want to go to church as seldom as I want to go.”

5.  “I want to go to a church that meets all my needs, wants, and desires.”

6.  “I want to go to church late and leave early.”

7.  “I want to find a church that agrees with me and has all the right answers.”

                 II. (Psalm 92:13)  What does it mean to be planted in the house of the Lord?

                       A.  You shall flourish, thrive, and prosper, spirit, soul, and body.  Relationship.

                       B.  You will bear fruit.  Isn’t everything about Christian life about fruit bearing or fruitfulness?  Service.     (John 15:8, 16)

                       C.  You will be fresh.   Healthy, youthful, glowing, attractive, and alive. The church is a place to freshen up.

                       D.  You declare that the Lord is upright.  It declares that God can forgive, restore, heal, deliver, provide, protect, and preserve.

                       E.  You know who He is to you.  He is your rock.  The church is a place where you possess experiences, moments, visitations, revelation, and intimacy with Him.

In Conclusion:

  • Bloom where planted. 
  • Stop moping around.
  • Don’t live in the past or future.  Let God define your life, not circumstances or someone.
  • Don’t think change will make you happy. 
  • Don’t forget, you won’t be here long.

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