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No Sorrow

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No More Sadness

Luke 14:18


We recognize there is a good sadness or grief but also a bad one.


We recognize everyone experiences moments of sadness, mourning, sorrow, and grief over losses, failures, jobs, careers and friends.  The bad, harmful, destructive, unhealthy kind or type is when it’s prolonged, long-lasting and always creating insomnia, loss of appetite, exhaustion, memory lapse and sense of no hope.


We recognize there is a right way and wrong way to respond, react or reflect.


(Revelation 21:4, Matthew 11:28, 1 Thessalonians 4:13, Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4)  No matter how great the storm, fire, tornado, hurricane, bomb, earthquake or tsunami, it won’t and can’t last.


(Isaiah 53:3-5)  We must know that there is no situation where Jesus isn’t enough to defeat sadness, overcome grief, and win over mourning in your life.


            I.  (Isaiah 61:3)  Example of no more sadness, grief and mourning in the life of David:

                A.  (2 Samuel 12:16-19)  The death of David’s infant son.

  • Ø Are you going to keep the coat of sackcloth on or are you

     going to put on the coat of promises?

                      1.  David was there but didn’t stay there.

                      2.  He knew how and when to go get healed, restored and delivered.

                      3.  He got back into the game.  He didn’t quit.

                B.  (2 Samuel 18:33, 19:1-4) David mourned over the death of his son Absalom.

                C.  (1 Samuel 30:1-8)  David grieved over Ziklag’s disaster.

                      1.  You can’t hang around sad people and get healed.

  • Some people are not going to let you forget.
  • You have to be armed and ready.

2.  You can’t pursue, overtake and recover if you won’t leave Ziklag.

  • Move out of the house.
  • Take down the pictures.
  • Clean out the closet.
  • Visit gravesite.
  • Thank God for the past and old memories but move on.
  • God is not asking you to forget them but is asking you to remember who He









3.  You have to know how to strengthen yourself in the Lord.

  • (Psalm 30:5, Nehemiah 8:10, Proverbs 15:13, Proverb 17:22)

                            Worship and praise brings an infusion of joy which is a weapon against

                             spiritual heaviness.


  • (Jude 1:20)  Praying in the spirit charges, energizes, and builds you up when you are feeling down.


  • (Jeremiah 30:17, Joel 2:25, Joshua 8:7 ESV, Romans 8:28, Isaiah 60:20 NLT)

Confess and meditate on healing and life scriptures.

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