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Hide and Seek

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Genesis 3:1-13

All of us are familiar with the childhood game called Hide & Seek. For Adam and Eve, it wasn’t a game. It was real life, a condition of life, a manifestation of sin, and a curse. It was hiding from God; not wanting to be found.

What is the stuff we can’t tell anyone about?

I want to talk about hiding.

  • Why do we hide?
  • What are we hiding?
  • Where do we like hiding?
  • How do we hide?
  • When do we hide?

I. Don’t hide it; confess it. Don’t conceal it; reveal it. Don’t cover it; expose it. (1 John 1:9, James 5:16, Proverbs 28:13, Psalm 32:5)

   A. Hiding seeks to separate God.

  • Isolate, divide, aloneness

   B. Why do we run from instead of run to?

   C. The longer we hide, the easier it is to stay and not change.

II. What trees do we hide in? (Joshua 7:21, James 1:14)

   A. Who do we hang out with; hide with in the trees?

   B. What fig leaves have we covered ourselves in?

   C. Why do we feel so comfortable in trees and leaves?

   D. Why do we stay so long in trees and leaves?

   E. What is your favorite tree or leaf?

   F. The nature of the flesh is…

  • Attraction
  • Intoxication
  • Addition
  • Deception
  • Hypocrite

   G. The nature of the flesh is…

  • It’s never enough, satisfied, or quenched
  • It wants bigger, better, new, and different

III. Hiding doesn’t stop God from seeking us out/seeing us. (Jeremiah 23:24, Ezekiel 28:3, Psalm 32:5)

   A. God is the only one that can find you.

   B. God is the only one who can see through your mask and pretending.

   C. God is the only remedy and restorer.

   D. God is looking for grace, love, mercy, forgiveness, and compassion.

IV. Can you bear the burden of your brother? (Galatians 6:1, 2, 4; John 13:34)

   A. Do you separate, condemn, and judge?

   B. Do you go after, pursue, and recover?

   C. Is it okay to not be okay?

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