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Vision For The House

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Proverbs 29:18


  • Vision gives direction and eliminates confusion.
  • Vision unites and vision attracts.
  • Vision is what God created you to do.
  • It is the picture of your future.
  • It is where you are going and what you are believing and trusting God for.


(Habakkuk 2:2)  Everything starts with a vision.

The vision of the house is the DNA, the culture, the beat, the rhythm of the pulse, and what we bleed.


I.  (Acts 26:19, 9:6, 15, Proverbs 9:1)  Paul’s vision to reach gentiles and seven pillars

     to build the house.

    A.  (Matthew 28:18, Matthew 5:16, Hebrews 10:24)  Pillar one:  Vision stops you

1.  (Acts 26:13) We are a mission-driven church.  World, community outreach,

      social needs, evangelism, soul winning, and good work.

B.  (3 John)  Pillar two: Vision speak to you.

1.  (Acts 26:14)  Leadership driven-church.  Influence and affective business,

     economics, finance, education, health, and school.

C.  (1 Corinthians 11:21, Acts 4:34, 35, 1 John 2:12-14)  Pillar three: Vision sends


1.  (Act 26:17) Disciple-driven church; building character, integrity, obligation, expectation, fulfilling, endurance, hopefulness, perseverance, and obedience with accountability, availability and responsibility.

D.  (Acts 26:18)  Pillar four:  Vision sanctifies you. 

1.  Family-driven church.  Building strong families, a strong home, and a strong church where nobody feels alone and no one is doing life alone.

E.  (Acts 26:16)  Pillar five: Vision will stretch you.

                       1.  Worshipping, Christ-centered driven church. Liberated praise, passionate

                             prayer, Bible preaching, awesome testimonies, and Holy Spirit’s presence, and

                             power. (Mark 9:38) 

F.  (Acts 26:22)  Pillar six: Vision will strengthen you.

      1.  Kingdom-minded driven church.  Television ministry, church planting, and

           sharing of resources.



G.  (Acts 2:9-11)  Pillar seven: Vision will cause you to want to sacrifice.

      1.  (Acts 26:17)  Diversity-driven church. Multiculturalism,

           multigenerational, and multidiversity is celebrated, not tolerated.

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