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Lord Teach Us To Pray

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My house shall be called a house of prayer

Matthew 21:12, Isaiah 56:7


I believe this is a critical and pivotal time in the history of the church as well as the world.  Everything seems to be revised, redefined, and changed.  I believe our North Star is prayer.  The health of a Christian is indicated by one’s prayer life.


In the text, “My house shall be called a house of prayer”…


My house-ownership, authority, and expectation 

Called-label, reputation, known for  

House-He doesn’t call it a cottage, lodge, shack or hut

Prayer-not necessarily music, songs, praise, teaching, information or programs


House of prayer is a picture of your personal house (residence), your personal life (body, temple), and it represents the place called the church.


I.  (John 2, Matthew 21)  Jesus cleanses the temple twice.

                 AHow quickly we can flip back or lose what Jesus cleansed or did.


  II.  (John 2:17, James 5:16)   Jesus is reminding us of our pursuit.

       A. It’s all about coming to church and being the church.


          III.  Jesus said, “My house isn’t a house of prayer but a den of thieves.”

                A.  Prayer keeps us from being God robbers.

                B.  Prayer keeps us from stealing or taking.

                C.  Prayer keeps us from being hidden or secretive.

                D.  Prayer keeps us from being religiously jealous and justified.

                E.  After Jesus put the house in order, wonderful things began to happen.

1.  There’s a fulfillment.

2.  There’s a hosanna.


          IV.  How do we make our lives houses of prayer? 

                A.  (James 4:2-3)  Ask Him-invite, welcomed, and wanted.

                B.  (Ephesians 6:18)  Be available.  When is your house open for prayer business?

                C.  (Acts 16:13, Luke 22:39) It’s not accidental, by chance or by mistake, but it’s a

                      practice and a discipline.


In conclusion:


A house of prayer is praying into you everything you want God to do and praying out of you everything you don’t want.















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